Container Garden Rooms

The Container Converters can help you make your environment a little healthier and greener by creating beautiful garden rooms that will work in any space.

The Container Converters can convert its standard shipping units to produce stunning garden rooms that can fit into the dimensions provided by our clients, thus empowering homeowners or companies to add beautiful spaces to their gardens or office grounds.

We use high-quality shipping containers made from steel to make garden rooms, so they are just as sturdy and durable as the original units. Manufactured with superior technology and industry-leading expertise by The Container Converters, our converted container garden rooms can last for decades! That’s pretty impressive considering the low cost of installation and minimal need for maintenance. They are also resistant to the cold temperatures common in winter in the UK, while also keeping birds and insects at bay.

Compared to traditional builds, container conversions offer many distinct advantages, from practicality to aesthetics. They can be made to precise dimensions, so that virtually all available space can be effectively utilised. When you order a garden room from The Container Converters, it’s delivered in a fully assembled state and installed by professionals, leaving the you to simply relax and enjoy the view. Our garden rooms can be constructed in practically any shape and can include custom features on request.

The Container Converters can guide you through every step of the process, from deciding on the blueprint of your garden room and its layout, to delivering the unit to your location and making sure it’s properly installed. Our conversion projects are handled internally, allowing us to ensure a consistent high quality finish, while keeping the final price very customer-friendly!

Conversion uses:

Why Containers?

Shipping containers are highly versatile and exceptionally strong; produced to be secure and resilient. Along with these desirable building qualities, they prove a much less costly option than traditional materials like wood, brick and stone.

Plus, construction time is super quick!

A basic steel box offers a canvas for endless possibilities for unique design.

creations – that we can easily adapt to suit your needs and bring your concepts and ideas to life.



Project Process

Capturing Your Vision

Concept Designs

Initial Proposal

Client Collaboration

Client Approval
Detail & Visual Design

Manufacturing Drawings

Construct & Build

Delivery to Site

Client Sign Off

Container Conversion Benefits


Shipping containers can be adapted to many uses and we can work with you to make sure the design suits all your needs and requirements


Each container is fully secure, options include lockable barn doors, anti-vandal glass with roller shutters and remote controls for hydraulic operated equipment.


A container can be run off a generator or plugged in straight to the mains.


Shipping containers are easy to brand up. They can be painted in any RAL colour with vinyl logos applied, or entirely vinyl wrapped with a photograph, graphic or logo.


The UK transport network has been designed to cater for the transport of containers. Containers can be easily transported on the back of a lorry, enabling flexibility.


Due to the nature of the shipping container, they are very versatile, and can be used for a wide range of applications; from homes to shopping malls, bars to restaurants and even swimming pools.


There are multiple combinations and design possibilities when using containers; enabling flexibility in staging the implementation of projects, scalable in the medium or long term.

Adaptable to location

Having been designed with a view to optimise logistics, it can be adapted to practically any location or setting.


A 40ft shipping container weighs over 3,500kg. When upcycling shipping containers, several tons of steel are saved.

Container Conversion Buildings can help you save MONEY, TIME, EFFORT & most importantly the ENVIROMENT.